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Use Luxury Resorts as Inspiration to Transform Your Swimming Pool

A key feature of any luxury resort is its pool. Architects spend a lot of time and resources designing a pool that creates exactly the ambiance the resort wants to promote. If you want your backyard swimming pool to feel high-end, then consider using a pool from a luxury resort as inspiration for its design.

Gold Energy Pool

The St. Regis Resort in Lhasa, Tibet, features a pool with gold-tiles and LED lighting, which makes the water glitter like gold.

Designers can create a similar effect for your pool. It's not necessary to go all-gold, though such an effect would be a conversational piece. However, designers can combine glass tiles with inset lighting to create a pool liner that glimmers like a jewel.

Such an effect would be ideal for a modern-style swimming pool. The jewel tone could provide a stark contrast to white concrete coping, thus emphasizing the geometry of the pool. Conversely, a gleaming turquoise or otherwise blue-tinged liner would complement a lagoon-style pool as well.

Amangiri Pool

The swimming pool in Amangiri, Utah, is built around the base of a rock formation in the middle of the desert, which creates a peninsula effect.

Building a pool around a rock formation in the middle of the desert was a dream come true for the architects - the hotel is known for being part resort, part art installation. However, the peninsula design does create a uniquely-shaped pool with legs on either side of the rock formation. The legs can provide slight privacy or even increased shade.

Concerning the peninsula itself, some homeowners have designed their pools to feature a swim-up bar that juts into the pool itself. Another option could be a platform for planters. With this design, you could have trees and other shade-throwing plants installed. Designers could also place a grotto or waterfall that could jut out into the pool.

Neptune Pool

The Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California, features marble statues overlooking a Greco-Roman styled pool, giving it a classic appeal.

Mediterranean-styled pools are popular, but homeowners rarely go so far as to add historical Greco-Roman elements. However, doing so gives a pool a palatial ambiance. You could certainly have your pool tiled in the same intricate manner as the Neptune Pool, but a blue liner would suffice as well.

The key is going to be in the structures surrounding the pool. If you're going to have a cabana or swim-up bar, then have it topped with a pediment with Greco-Roman detailing on the fascia. Likewise, columns should also feature in the design. Finally, consider adding statuary in symmetrical intervals near the pool for a formal appeal.

Casa Inspiración

The pool at Casa Inspiración in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, is an infinity pool overlooking the beach.

Every list of incredible resort pools features an infinity pool, whether it's the Casa Inspiración, the pool at the Cambrian Hotel in Switzerland, or one of several in Bali. An infinity pool features a vanishing edge that blurs the distinction between its borders and the pool's surroundings.

If you have a gorgeous view from your yard, then an infinity pool could be an ideal installation. Architects design the pool so that you don't see the edge from the pool itself or from nearby structures, thus creating a vanishing edge. The water spills from the main pool into a catch pool, which cycles it back into the main pool.

Naturally, a resort pool is going to be a lot larger and more involved than your backyard pool. However, you can utilize design features and architectural details to give your swimming pool the same luxurious ambiance. Consult with the experts at Deep South Gunite Pools to make your dream a reality.