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Principles for Designing a Modern Architectural Pool

Modern Pool Design
Swimming pool styles abound. Some of the most popular styles include resort-themed or lagoon-look pools. However, some homeowners prefer a more minimalistic approach, opting for a modern-style pool. Attractive modern pools often incorporate a sense of architecture into their design. Incorporate the elements of modern style to design a stunning architectural pool.

Sense of Minimalism

One of the defining characteristics of modern style is an adherence to minimalism. You expect to see clean, streamlined shapes. This principle holds true when you're designing an architectural pool in the modern style.
The design of such a pool should keep ornamentation to the minimum. The palette is often monochromatic or at least subdued. Designers usually show a restrained hand in areas such as coping, where you otherwise see elaborate tile work. You can include extra features such as fountains or slides, but they should adhere to the minimalist form.

Repetition of Geometry

Any modern pool should feature an obvious relationship with geometry - freeform and even kidney-shaped pooled aren't as popular for this style. With an architectural pool, you want to build on the geometry.
So, let's say you start with a standard rectangular pool. You want to repeat the shape elsewhere in the design. For example, if you're incorporating a swim-up bar, the countertop or the building itself can echo the proportions of the pool on a smaller scale.
You also want to add other shapes. For example, if you choose to add a circular spa, add circular stools for the swim-up bar as well. Likewise, make sure you incorporate the shapes in the pool surroundings, perhaps by adding a circular sundeck adjacent to the pool.
Keep in mind, modern style often utilizes asymmetry. Therefore, when you're planning your shapes, try not to locate them in regular patterns. For example, don't locate the circular sundeck right next to the circular spa - try to place it staggered from the spa.

Relationship to the House

Oftentimes, modern architectural pools are built at the same time as the house. This is the situation you see when the pool is even part of the house, say spanning both the indoors and outdoors. However, there's no reason an architectural pool can't be retrofitted to an existing house.
The first step in ensuring cohesion for retrofitting an architectural pool is looking at the actual architecture of your house. Modern houses typically feature that strong sense of geometry. Therefore, when you're choosing shapes to repeat in the pool, you should look to your house's fa├žade for inspiration.
Naturally, the swimming pool will encompass a large area in your backyard. Indeed, the pool and its environs may take up the entire yard. Position the pool so it not only complements your house but also maximizes the yard space. A little expert advice will go a long way in these determinations.

Cohesive Pool Surroundings

Most homeowners install an entire poolscape, meaning a landscape and entertainment area that centers on the swimming pool. With all the designing that goes into an architectural pool, you want to extend the principles to the surroundings.
One of the easiest methods for achieving this principle is by repeating the geometry in the yard as well. For instance, you could devise planters in one of your target shapes that serve as a transition area between the pool and the landscaping. You should have similar plant types in both your planter and your landscaping.
Another way to adhere to this principle is by repeating materials in the rest of your yard. So your pathways and other hardscaping should feature the same materials and color used around your pool. Typically, modern materials are those that are manufactured, such as glass, metal, and concrete.
Design an architectural pool that adds customized beauty to your house. Let the experts at Deep South Gunite Pools help you design and implement your modern architectural pool.