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Beautiful Ideas for Custom Standalone Spas

A lady relaxing in a spa
Homeowners often incorporate a spa as part of an overall swimming pool installation. However, you may want to soak in hot water separate from the pool complex, or you may want an in-ground spa and no pool at all. Rather than install a simple hot tub, consider instead a custom gunite spa that can complement your home as well as your outdoor leisure.

Modern Spa

The modern style has long been popular. Hallmarks of this design include minimalism, which often comes out in clean lines that emphasize an installation's geometry. These design principles are ideal for a custom standalone spa.

When you're planning a modern spa, you should opt for a geometric shape, usually either square or round. The liner should be simple but bold. For instance, you don't want a lot of variation in color, so stay away from any speckled finishes. However, you could choose a bright color that's even enhanced with glittering aggregates, such as glass beads or crushed shells.

For the coping, consider simple concrete because manufactured materials are common in modern design. You can leave the concrete plain to enhance that minimalist ideal. The surrounding decking can also be concrete, or you can choose classic hardwood. Hardwood decking works within the modern style because of the lines in the boards.

Incorporated Sundeck

Many homeowners enjoy sunbathing as part of their outdoor activities. Sundecks are commonly found around pools, but you can also have one built around your spa. Indeed, such an installation has practical aspects. 

For instance, Forbes describes homeowners who have solved the problem of covering an in-ground spa by transforming it into a sundeck. The wooden cover rolls for ease of movement and provides a flat space for sunbathing whether open or closed.

You can also have the rolling sundeck incorporated into a wider sundeck. With this design, you have the contractors install raised decking around the in-ground spa. The spa cover will fit into this decking so that it's an additional sunbathing surface when closed. However, it can roll under the permanent decking for when you want to use the spa.

Mediterranean Courtyard

Mediterranean homes, especially Spanish or Moroccan houses, feature interior courtyards. You typically find a water feature in the center of the courtyard. While this water feature is usually a tiled, multitiered fountain, you could replace it with a standalone spa.

For the Mediterranean courtyard spa, circular would be a good shape. However, if you want a spa with wow factor, consider a custom shape such as lantern or keyhole, which are both traditional Mediterranean shapes. You'll want to talk to your pool design experts because this particular spa should be aboveground.

The reason you want the courtyard spa to be aboveground is because you're going to replicate the classic tile work of a Mediterranean fountain. The contractors will utilize Mediterranean tiles for the spa's surround and coping. You can choose colored plaster or tile for the liner as long as it complements the exterior tile work.

Tranquil Meditation Spa

Another location-inspired standalone spa is the meditation spa. The target ambience for this spa is soothing - the pool should create a sense of tranquility. The inspiration for such a spa is a Zen garden.

Traditional Japanese gardening calls for the use of natural materials. So while the spa itself may be constructed of gunite and plaster, you should use wood, bamboo, and natural stone in its environs. For example, the decking can be natural stone, and you may install a bamboo screen for privacy. As with the modern spa, you want to keep ornamentation to a minimum.

The color palette should also be naturalistic, featuring shades of green, brown, and gray. You can also incorporate landscaping into the design. Likewise, consider adding a nearby fountain or even one that spills into the spa itself. For d├ęcor, consider using traditional Zen garden elements such as pagodas and meditating Buddhas.

Create wow factor in your backyard with a beautifully designed standalone spa. Consult with the experts at Deep South Gunite Pools for design advice and installation services.