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5 Features to Turn Your Swimming Pool Into a Luxurious Retreat

Modern Luxury Swimming Pool
Today's swimming pools are perfect for more than just families with young children who want to play in the water. In fact, if you aren't designing a pool with kids primarily in mind, many fun options open up. 
What kind of options? Here are five great ideas for adults who want to make a splash.

Beach Entrance

A "beach entrance" is a walk-in entrance to the shallow end of the pool that mimics how a person enters the ocean from the beach. It's perfect for lounging around and enjoying soaking up the sun. However, because the gradual slope of the entryway takes up a lot of pool space, it may not be ideal for families with frolicking kids. But adults can sit back and relax in a luxurious watery retreat. 

Underwater Bar

Do you like to entertain friends around your pool? Create a one-of-a-kind swimming experience by adding a bar right in the pool. There are several ways to do this. The easiest method is to simply add a row of underwater stools along one edge of the swimming pool. The stools could be either temporary or permanent structures. Serve drinks from the side.
If you want to expand the idea more, you could pair these underwater stools with a dug-out area at the pool's side that allows dry guests to step down into a fully stocked bar. Place the height of the bar's counters at the same height as the pool's edge so that you can serve drinks directly to swimming guests. 

Rock Grotto

A faux rock grotto creates a truly unique getaway in your backyard. Grottos are generally made from large, fake landscape boulders. They can be as large or as small as you want, and they create a casual, natural feeling. Waterfalls are often nestled into these rocky outcroppings so as to mask caves that are designed directly in the rock. 
What can you do with a grotto and the caves it can form? Create a romantic little perch to watch sunsets. Or add a mini-fridge and stock your own afternoon drinks to enjoy from a hidden bench. If you have the space, you could even add an entire room behind the waterfall and the fake boulders. This hidden room could house a full bar, game room, or entertainment lounge, complete with a dry entrance door. 

Water Feature

Depending on how much you use your swimming pool, you may want to combine it with an artistic flair that looks great by itself. Turn a standard pool into a beautiful water feature by adding a backdrop, a rain wall, or bubbling fountains. Modern lighting choices for pools mean that you can light up your water feature in whatever combination of shades appeals to you. A full-size water feature will add ambiance and romance to all your evening entertainments. 

Recessed Lounge

If you don't have to worry about kids playing in your space, you can turn the pool itself into a relaxing conversation area. How? Add a recessed lounge area directly in the water. This sunken spot in the water is a dry retreat where guests can enjoy comfortable sofas, chairs, tables, and even a fire pit.
You can carve out an access point with stairs leading down from the pool's edge or add a raised series of stones or a bridge so that guests can cross over the water. Imagine how sunsets will look when you're cozy by the fire surrounded by the shimmering pool surface? 
Thanks to modern design and technology, building the perfect swimming pool for adults has never been easier. Why not get started on yours today by calling Alabama's pool experts at Deep South Gunite Pools today?